Quality Services
Operational Services
Logistics Services
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II - Incoming Inspection
FAI - First Article Inspection
IPI - In Process Inspection
ELI - End of Line Inspection
OSI - On the Spot quality alert Insp.
CSL I - Controlled Shipping Level 1
CSL II - Controlled Shipping Level 2
ASSY - Assembly
MANF - Manufacturing
DISS - Disassembly
REWK - Rework
SPTR - Spot repairs
PACK - Packaging
UPCK - Unpacking
RPCK - (Re) Packaging
LABL - Labeling
TRAN - Transportatio
Administrative Services
ADMS - Administrative
HRMS - Human Resources
FINS - Finance
In-House Services
Preffered Services Provider:    QSR 24h Automotive;    (0040) 735 243 059;    office@qsr24h.ro
Administrative Services
We provide outsourced solutions to meet your Administrative and Human Resources needs.
Common administrative services offered are:
sorting of documents, scan, copy & printing activities, standard and custom reports building,
data base recording, data base sorting, job posting and CV selection, time keeping records,
events planning, coordination and execution, presentations preparation,
personalized graphic design for internal communication, information searching,
goods acquisitions and delivery,
offices housekeeping.
All Administrative Services are secured, under strict confidentiality clauses.
Human Resources